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We’ve fostered a robust network of talented individuals and esteemed clients throughout the Midwest. Our mission is to assist small to mid-sized, privately held companies in overcoming their IT recruiting challenges while helping skilled professionals discover fulfilling career opportunities.

Our Technical Recruiting Services

Legacy Recruiting specializes in direct-hire technology recruiting solutions. Count on us to collaborate closely with you, comprehensively understanding your goals, team culture and budget to identify the ideal candidate for your projects.

We intimately 
understand the intricacies of the industry,

recognizing the unique challenges and opportunities that come with filling technology roles in the Midwest. We appreciate that finding the perfect fit goes beyond mere skills—it’s about grasping the company culture, market dynamics, and individual aspirations.

With our dedicated IT recruiting team by your side,

bridging the gap between exceptional talent and companies in need becomes effortless. Whether you’re a candidate seeking your next career move or a hiring manager aiming to fortify your team, we’re here to establish enduring partnerships.

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as your trusted ally in navigating the competitive landscape of IT recruitment in the Midwest. Together, let’s empower your organization with top-tier talent.

Our technical recruiting covers a range of positions,

including but not limited to:

IT Senior Leadership




Business Intelligence

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Find top tech talent with Legacy Recruiting! Join us today!